NSSA Services

1. Monitoring and researching for skills development and labour market demand 2. Developing NOCS based on Labour Market Demand by respective sectorial committees 3. Quality assurance and accreditation for assessment centers 
4. Quality assurance and accreditation for training centers 5. Awareness raising and promoting skilled labour force 6. Participation in ASEAN Skills Development Activities

NSSA focuses on four qualification levels (e.g. Semi-skilled Worker Level 1; Skilled Worker Level 2; Advanced Skilled Worker Level 3; Supervisor/Technician Level 4.) with reference to Myanmar NQF and offers services with the following priorities:

(i) introducing RPL based relevant approaches and methods in occupational skills assessment and certification for Myanmar workers;

(ii) promoting National Occupational Competency Standard (NOCS) in demanded trade area according to the four qualification levels;

(iii) strengthening NSSA committees for their effective contribution to the skills development in collaboration with private sector;

(iv) enhancing the quality and quantity of NOCS based skills assessment and trainings considering social and ethical standards, safety and health standards in the workplace;

(v) providing services for accreditation of assessment centers and approval of training programs and capacity development of assessors and trainers.