Accredited Assessor Information

National Skills Standards Authority (NSSA) implements skills assessment programs for respective occupational areas. Assessment and certification committee of NSSA accredits the assessors by occupation throughout the country.

As of November 2020, there are a total of Accredited Assessors (Level 1 - 539, Level 2 - 162) for skills assessment in (37) demanded occupations. They are accredited by Assessment and Certification Committee (ACC) and approved by NSSA. (Detailed Information about the Accredited Assessors can be found here.)

Assessor's Duty, Tasks, Responsibilities & Criteria by Occupation (See in Myanmar)

Assessor Criteria in General for Application (Applicant Criteria, Application Form)

  • Formal vocational/technical qualification in the occupational area for which accreditation is requested (or) 
  • Vocational/technical qualification to be at least one level higher than level for which accreditation is applied for (or/and)
  • Sufficient industrial experience (recommended: 5 years and at least 2 years)
  • Participated successfully in assessor training and capacity development programs of NSSA 
  • Good communication skills (including interpretation and writing technical English)
  • Signature of an “ethical agreement” (“oath”)
  • Regular availability (as part of agreement)